Liquid grip

Duron Liquid Grip is a durable product with a formula to grip on almost everything. Liquid Grip is the best high quality product for internal and external use, when it comes to rendering and mix with cement products.

Read more about Liquid Grip and its application by downloading the below PDF.

DURON Paint for Internal and External Use

Duron high-quality paints are highly resistant and durable on walls and less likely to show brush mark flaws thus providing a better finish. Duron external paint has a high level of UV protection and carries a very good shielding reputation against harsh winters, strong winds, storms and heavy rain.

Read more about Duron products and their application by downloading the below PDF.

Coving and Trims

All coving and trims are made from polyurethane material. Each strip is 240cm in length and comes with acrylic finishing. They can be attached with Liquid Nail whilst acrylic can be used to seal off edges. Available in various designs and models which can be viewed in our showroom.

It is highly recommended to take note of the model numbers from the catalog when making enquiries both via email, on the phone or when visiting our showroom.

Liquid Nail is available from stock from our showroom as well.


We supply Gypsum partitions, Bulkheads, False ceilings, and Ceiling Tiles. We also offer specialised false ceilings for bathrooms. We install metal frame with pop rivets, not using tech screws for the reason of getting loose caused by high sound travel and heavy vehicles engines. We pop in these pop rivets with air gun system for a good quality result. Followed by installing gypsum boards on metal frame. Screen tape will be used between sheets and plastered with primer and finishing in which hardner is mixed for more stronger joints.


We offer a range of lighting products including bulbs and fittings. This helps us to offer you a complete service as our lighting products are chosen to work perfectly with our damp proofing, sound proofing, and other products. We offer the latest technology which is effective, beautiful, and saves you money!

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is a beautiful decorative form of flooring made from blocks of woods woven into a mosaic of geometric patterns. These patterns that make up parquet can range from simple geometric shapes, like squares through to highly intricate and decorative designs.


Our range of skirtings is made from PVC which has some major advantages over traditional wood skirting board:

  • Easy and quick to install, no need for nails or screws.
  • Can be installed on any type of condition walls and doesn’t bridge humidity.
  • Hide unsightly wires in the custom made channels at the back of the board.
  • Less maintenance – no yearly sanding and painting.
  • All the benefits of wood but none of the disadvantages such as splitting, rotting or cracking!

We offer a supply only service so you can fit yourself, or we offer a installation service.

Size are 75mm  x 2000mm long. We also offer the glue for fitting them.

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