Lightweight Construction

Our recent project of deck extension around pool area. Design on two strong suspending beams  support engineered extension, followed by cement Boards  for steady and sturdy flooring. This hard wearing floor extension is adapted for any kind of weather and finished by any kind of decking tiles, artificial turf or other similar products.

The insulated panels & planks are manufactured from 60mm thick compressed layer of polystyrene sandwiched and molded between two high quality construction boards. This makes our product strong, excellent quality, fire retardant, water resistant, humidity resistant and fully insulated while being easy to fit, lightweight and custom designed.

Lightweight Insulated construction has become one of the most popular construction methods in the Western World. Some reasons include:

Construction Cost

Due to the speed of build and cost of material lightweight product costs are cheaper than most traditional methods.

Thermal Performance

Panels and Planks are thermal insulation therefore they are estimated to be superior to conventional brick and mortar buildings.

Eco Friendly Build

We also believe in taking care of our planet.

Our products are manufactured through a very strict eco friendly process.

Scrap material is also taken care of and recycled.

Extra Floor Space

Due to the reduced thickness of external walls in comparison with traditional methods, an additional 6% of floor space could be utilised.


Plumbing and Electrical wiring are installed inside wall cavities thus avoiding chasing of walls and making fitting quicker and neater. The top and bottom service shaft systems that are manufactured inside the panels & planks accommodate for the client’s custom designed electrical and water pipes installation.


Insulated panels &planks are manufactured to exact specifications to ensure a high quality and neat finish thus eliminating possible costly and time consuming mistakes.


Utilize your space effectively. Insulated panels & planks give you lot of opportunities when planning your building so you can adjust to your desired needs.

Fire Retardant

The combined material makes panels & planks acceptable for use in two hour fire-rated systems.


Panels can be finished with any type of plastering, stone cladding, tiles or any other type of decorated finish. The most common finish with the least maintenance, on our suggestion, is filling the edge profile between panels that we designed for expansion.

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