Roof & walls Insulation

Creative Projects specialize in Insulated Slabs Roofing system which are suitable to insulate the roof by placing these slabs direct to existing roof or during construction roof process. Slabs are composed by 8mm thick water boards, joined together by means of special adhesive, with high dense EPS of 60mm thickness which makes them heavy duty and walk-able. After installation of slabs is completed it is required to be sealed with carpet membrane.

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While the process to install slabs between the first and the second layer of concrete you have to apply screed on top and under the slabs as process required. Moreover they can also be installed on ground floor level beneath tiles to insulate floor or protect from humidity. Insulated slabs can be installed as wall cladding, for all kind of building for example facades, side walls, back walls, shafts, wash-rooms and yards.

Some of the Technical Specifications Include

Reduce Electricity Consumption

Heavy Duty and Corrosion Resistant

Easy Installation

High Efficiency Insulation

Eliminate Mould

300Kg / Square Metres Slab Loading Weight

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